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Our Mission

Delightful Shopping

Sparking Joy and effortless discovery - revolutionizing the children's shopping experience.

Personalized for Your Child

Intuitive design allows parents to list unique recommendations for any gifting occasion.

Inspiring Imagination, Ensuring Safety

Providing a trustworthy and secure platform for a worry-free environment.

Building a Connected Community

Connecting parents with family and friends, for an inclusive experience from infancy to childhood.

About Us

Baby Size Me: Connect, Gift, and Delight

Stay connected and effortlessly delight the little ones in your life with Baby Size Me. Share your child's interests and sizing information with family and friends, making it convenient for them to shop.

Never miss a special occasion or visit without the perfect gift. Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or just because, Baby Size Me keeps you relevant and connected to all the children you love.

As a parent, enjoy fewer returns and exchanges. Your children receive clothes that fit and gifts they truly love.

As a friend or family member, be the ultimate hero with the latest and greatest gift for the precious little one in your life.

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Terms of Use  |   Privacy Policy   Developed by baby size me inc. 2022

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